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All about Solar and Wind Energy

 Redding, California

Solar Energy Panels Generate electricity from the Sun

In a world of limited resources we cannot depend on oil forever.  We must develop economical means of generating the electricity we need to live our lives.  Looking to install more Solar Energy in Redding will make our community cleaner, healthier and a better place to live.  The climate in Redding is perfect for Solar applications and when we make the investment to reduce the amount of electricity we purchase from the grid, we're saving ourselves money in the long run.


Solar energy is the most available form of energy on Earth.  As gas prices continue to rise, more and more people, businesses and industry are searching ways to be more energy efficient.  The GREEN ENERGY movement along with high oil prices has been the catalyst for startup businesses working around the clock to develop more efficient ways to convert sun and wind energy into electricity.  This website outlines the developments that are happening around the world and help you to understand and make good decisions when implementing Solar Energy in your home in the Redding Area. 

 People are moving to solar and wind energy for a variety of reasons.  They include Reduce Carbon Footprint,   Save Money Use Less Electricity, Be More Energy Efficient,  Free Energy, and  Reduce Oil Dependency.  With ever increasing energy costs, solar and wind generation are a natural solution for the northstate homeowner.


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Is Solar Energy right for me?

Visit these links to discover why people are converting their homes to solar and wind energy.

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Photovoltaic or Wind Energy or both.  Which is right for me?

If you live in an area that has both abundant sunlight as well as lots of wind, it's possible you should consider installing both a wind energy system for those cloudy, windy days and photovoltaic panels so you can enjoy the best of both worlds by generating your power needs in all sorts of weather.    While most people choose one or the other, there are certain georgraphic area to benefit from both wind and solar energy systems.  How do you decide which is best for you? 

Wind Energy 

Many people think that the north state is not a good place for wind energy, but that is not true.  Our unique geography has many areas that have enough wind to create the power you need.  Visit our Wind Energy page to learn more about this amazing technology.  The North State was designated as the location for one of California's newest wind farms called the Hatchet Ridge Wind Project located on Hatchet Mountain outside the town of Burney, 50 miles northeast of Redding.  In operation, it will produce over 100 megawatts of wind energy and be sold to PG&E.  Here are photos of the Hatchet Ridge Wind Project.   Integrity Solar located in Anderson, California near Redding provides Solar and Wind Systems Sales, Installation and Service.  They are a well known business in the Redding area and are one of the North States leading experts on the new and emerging solar and wind industry.  Visit the Integrity Solar and Wind website to learn more about their services.

Solar Tax Credits

Solar and other renewable energy tax credits and rebates are prompting many businesses to start offering solar products and services.  They are becoming experts in determining how much you can save by switching a part or all of your energy needs to solar.  It is quite easy to put up an array of photovoltaic panels on your roof that generate enough power to meet the needs of a 2,500 square foot home.  Make sure your installer is experienced at installing solar panels before you start.

Locating a Solar Installer

Finding a good Solar Installation company is the first step in having a solar or wind energy system installed at your home or business.  Visit our Locate an Installer page to help determine how to find the best solar contractor in the Redding area for you.  Visit this site frequently as we will be adding more solar installation companies in your area.   Make sure the solar installer you hire is a licensed contractor in the State of California.  The webpage listed above is a great starting place to finding the best company to help you with your solar and wind energy needs.

 For additional information on Solar Power for the state of Calilfornia visit these links below

California Solar Incentive Program

California Solar Energy Industries Association

California Wind Energy Association

California Solar Center
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