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Locating a Solar Installer

We have gathered links of local Solar Installers located in the Redding area.   When looking for a Solar Contractor, investigate how long they have been in business and ask to see examples of their work.  They should also be able to give you references of people whom they have done solar installations for.   Check out their websites to learn about the products they recommend and then check on their suppliers to see that they have been in the business for more than just a few years. 

Solar Panel being installed in HomeAs with hiring any professional, a good start to finding a solar contractor is to seek referrals from family, friends, neighbors, co-workers and others you trust who also recently purchased a system with which they are satisfied.  Make sure they have been in business for at least 3 years and that they are licensed contractors in the State of California.  The State of California has a special classification for solar contractors which is a C-46 License.  A solar contractor installs, modifies, maintains, and repairs thermal and photovoltaic solar energy systems.  The license is a specialty License.  Licensed contractors have proven their skills by studying and taking comprehensive exams covering solar installations given by the state of California. 

Hiring a licensed Solar contractor insures that you are working with a professional who knows the current techniques, the codes and understands the regulartory system put in place by the state to get rid of shoddy companies.  True professional contractors will only work a building permit for the local city or county building department.  This means a local building inspector will review the work for compliance with current building codes. Avoid any contractor who talks about to circumventing the permit process. 

Increased Demand means more people are looking to Solar and Wind energy in the Redding area as a means to reduce their electricity costs.  Local Companies are modernizing their business by offering solar products to people in the North State area.

The Database of State Incentives for Renewable Energy offers a clickable-map data base of federal, state and local renewable energy programs, each of which can help you find qualified contractors and educational and financing information for consumers.

Even where there's no "solar contractor" license category, incentive programs typically come with state-registered or program-registered contractors and or approved solar and other renewable energy systems.

You can also tap solar energy trade groups to find contractors, especially in areas where they aren't regulated. Trade groups typically come with a code of ethics, training requirements and a network of product research, development and educational services for its members.

Home owners considering hiring a professional solar system installer should also get schooled in solar technology to be better equipped to interview prospective contractors.

Select a contractor who has years of experience installing grid-connected systems and who isn't afraid to refer you to satisfied customers.

The contractor should also have site savvy -- clear, unobstructed access to the sun is crucial. The contractor should also be able to help you decide what size system you need to generate all the power necessary for your home or just a portion. It's up to you not to let the contractor sell you more power than you need.

The incentive programs and utilities can help you calculate how much of a rooftop array you really need based on past energy use.

The contractor should also be familiar with special features your system may need including an inverter necessary to change the direct current (DC) power from the solar panels into alternating current (AC) electricity to power your electrical devices and to be compatible with the electric grid. Batteries, which increase your cost, provide back-up and storage power for your home during grid outages and gray days.

Each incentive program explains the local utility connection requirements including which utilities will buy excess power and which will let you pump juice back into the grid without reimbursing you, but the contractor also should be familiar with grid connections, metering and what happens to excess power.

Finally, get several bids and make sure the bids are for the identical solar system.


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